Petra Preschool | Mission and Background
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Mission and Background


Show God’s love by providing education, care and support to a diverse population in Austin including foster children, economically disadvantaged children, and their families.


This vision was birthed by a local family whose foster child was not allowed to attend their other children’s preschool, and was joined by others the family met who were interested in establishing a faith-based preschool focused on these economically disadvantaged children.


Discussions with foster agencies, nonprofits, and churches have confirmed the need for a quality preschool focused on foster children and children in economically disadvantaged homes.


Our geographic areas of focus (Far north Austin and Southeast Austin) consistently demonstrate lower preschool enrollment rates than in affluent areas of the county, as shown in the chart below:

North/ St. John's0%

Far North/ I-350%

Southeast/ Riverside0%

East/ Springdale0%

Old West Austin0%

Westlake Hills0%

Our Approach

We will accomplish our mission by providing Education, Care and Support to these children and their families through:

Faith-informed Curriculum

We will utilize a learning model that emphasizes quality curriculum enabling kindergarten readiness, and that also provides opportunities to teach children about how the gospel applies to their life.

Competent, Christian Staff

A team whose faith impacts their daily lives and informs their approach to work with children, led by an experienced, winsome Director.

Community Network

We are committed to supporting not only children, but their families where possible.


We will have a self-sustaining financial model. To help make this vision a reality, you can make a donation towards our launch cost.


For more information fill out the form below or contact us at (512) 777- 1746.